Brotherly Love – a twitter story


I can feel his eyes on me, staring across the crowded room, not flinching, or straying.

Those eyes I know so well, deep set and dark, passionless yet pained.

I’m ignoring him. If I turn and stare, I won’t be able to keep my anger in check

This room of people, so ignorant of his crimes, will be stunned to silence as I shriek my rage at him.

What he’s done to me, the pain I feel, can’t be put into words, just howls.

I’m imagining his half smile, that knowing grin he wears when he knows something I don’t

I’m boiling inside, my hands gripping the table.

I don’t need to see it to know that it’s there, the terrible sign of his guilt.

The plate, all-but licked clean, just a few smears of chocolate and crumbs remaining

How? How could he do this? He knew, surely he knew.

My craving, my need, so great and so pathetic. He knew, and he told me that he cared.

I can’t stop myself and my head turns. He’s gone!

The plate is still sat there, filling my vision even as his absence fills my mind.

I leap up, catching my hip on the table and causing the plates to crash together.

The room turns and my face is burning. I have to go, I have to find him.

I swerve drunkenly out the door, casting up and down the street in desperation.

There’s no sign, but he can’t have got far. Again I feel the betrayal burning in my head.

My cake! My cake, only mine and meant for me. How could he…

I’m off. I don’t know why but I’m sure he went this way. Then it hits me and I’m lying on the pavement.

My guts cramp and I’m gasping for air, feet kicking like I’m drowning.

It’s begun. He can’t have got far, the poison will be kicking in by now.

It only had a slight chance of curing me, but his body will be destroyed by it, torn apart.

I stagger to my feet, weaving down the pavement. Where is he?

My only hope is gone and tears are streaming down my face, even as I feel the tearing begin.

I have to stop, and grab the wall, bending over as the pain begins again. I thought I was leaving this behind, one way or another.

Why did he take it from me? Did he know it would kill him? He must have, must have. So why

There he is. I was right, he’s on his knees, vomit pooled beneath his bowed head. I join him, collapsing to the ground.

He’s too late. Being sick will make no difference, it’s in his system, eating through his organs.

“Why did you to do it Tom?” I’m coughing as my body starts to change, hacking and spitting onto the pavement.

“I’ve weakened it bro, it’s the right strength now.” He grins up at me, sick trailing from the corner of his mouth.

I’ve gone cold, my entire body prickling and sweaty as I realise what he’s done, what he’s done for me.

My tears mingle with spit as I begin to salivate uncontrollably. My shoulders are hitching, teeth expanding and tearing through my gums.

I howl at the man knelt next to me, watching him turn from my brother into prey, the first and last meal.

My eyes are blurring, the haze coming down and I feel his face crush beneath my teeth

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