Mrs Cairns Writes – Why working with my hubby is so cool

In the Cairns household we consider ourselves to be very lucky, we seem to have found a formula that works for us in both creative and business terms. Mike is the wordsmith and I’m the one in charge 🙂

Seriously though, I love working with Mike, not least because I really believe in him as an author and also because the partnership fulfils many of my core values.  So why is it I think working with my hubby is so cool?

Well, he is a creative genius and that’s a real pleasure to see in action every day. Perhaps more importantly he thinks I’m a creative genius too, in a different way of course (he’s a bit cagey about the details but I’ll take the compliment :)).

But aside from that, our skill sets seem to mesh. I love the entrepreneurial side of being a writer, the visioning, planning, marketing, social media and relationship building, all the things that, as a rather humble introvert, Mike would prefer to shy away from. Mike is great at getting things done, when I set him his weekly targets he actually meets them. He’s consistent (something in my own writing I’ve often struggled with) and he has this amazing ability to fold time – rather handy when working on several manuscripts at once.

My work has always been focused on helping people create the work that they are passionate about and doing it in a way that is wholly authentic for them, so being able to support Mike in making his dreams a reality is a real privilege.

Working closely with someone who really knows you and whose opinion you trust is hugely rewarding. Because we know each other so well we also save a lot of time that might be wasted in long-winded explanations or skirting around important issues, we can just get straight to the important stuff.

Mike gets really excited when he’s writing, and I mean kid in a sweet shop excited, and who doesn’t want to see someone they love so happy in their work?

But what really makes it work…? I get to be the boss and he gets to think he’s the boss. Well we are married after all 🙂

My warmest


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2 thoughts on “Mrs Cairns Writes – Why working with my hubby is so cool

    • Thanks Lucinda, it seems to be working so far. I know this is a long term venture so lets hope we can keep the rhythm going. I’ll leave the harmonising up to Mike and his musical talents 🙂

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