7 days of comics and why you should read them, Saturdays choice – The Ultimates

Party time, so what better to read about than a bunch of misfit, mid-life crisis-ing, argumentative super heroes? The Mark Millar run on The Ultimates is my favourite Marvel of the last few years, like one long Saturday night movie.


A classic marvel team up, featuring Captain America, The Hulk, Ironman and others; shoved together into a controversial, world-spanning team. The big difference is that they have personal lives, and real issues, and stuff that makes them interesting!

Why I love it:

Aside from the wonderful risk that Marvel took in having their classic heroes become alcoholics and murderers, The Ultimates also has breathtaking scope and vision. Comics have the freedom to really do anything, and when that freedom is brought into the real world it can be breathtaking.

The Ultimates destroy New York, kill thousands of innocents and get involved in counter terrorism in countries the US have no right to be anywhere near. Millar is completely unafraid to ask big questions of modern foreign policy, or portray heroes of years past as wife beating scumbags.  I love The Ultimates because it isn’t afraid to change things and throw out everything you thought you knew about the characters. The magic of comics, in action.