Mrs Cairns Writes…The Journey so far

I love blogging, so I’m delighted that Mike has allowed me to be the one keeping you guys posted on how things are going with Cairns Writes. So under the category “Mrs Cairns Writes” you’ll find details of our adventures in publishing. As this is a fairly new venture for us here’s some of the story so far…

The writing.

Mike wrote his first book in The Assembly series in a super speedy 3 months when I was pregnant back in 2011. The working title is The Spirit Room. It’s a fast paced, contemporary fantasy epic.

I was a bit nervous about reading it as I really wanted to be able to tell him that I thought it was fab’. Huge sigh of relief when I actually thought it was really rather good. For 100,000 words it’s a surprisingly quick and easy read with some very compelling characters and it left me with that feeling of wanting to know what happens next.

Book 1 has been through initial proof read and copy edit, courtesy of yours truly and Mike is just finishing re-writes before it goes out to our panel of trusty Beta readers at the end of the month…eeek! Bit nervous about it being out there and I know Mike is not desperately looking forward to any re-writes but needs must if we really want to do it and our readers justice.

Book 2 is taking a little longer than the first, having a baby tends to take over somewhat! So Mike has had to squeeze in writing around his day job and being Papa to Cadence. But he is on track for completing the first draft by the end of October.

Book 3 is already planned out and once re-writes for book 1 are out of the way he’s allowed to start actually writing that proper. Trying to hold him back is like trying to keep a toddler out of a muddy puddle.

More on publishing and marketing progress to come…

Much love & stay inspired