The Planets – Blog Tour 2014

Planets Blog Tour Banner Characters

We have revamped and rebranded the Assembly Trilogy to become The Planets Series with much more focus on the super hero characters, and because we couldn’t stop at just three books :)

The original artwork has been done by the amazing Chris Thompson and our cover designer Derek Murphy at CreativeIndie has pulled it together, we hope you like the results.

The Spirit Room Cover             story of eris-ebook cover-final  

Books One and Two in the series are launching on 12th July 2014 with book Three planned for the end of the year.

In celebration and to drum up some excitement we are putting together another blog tour with some lovely folks from the author blogger community.

Stops confirmed so far:

Mark Leslie @markleslie 14th July. Read my post on Art and Fatherhood here.

Jeri WB @JeriWB 14th July. Read my post on Plotting versus Pantsing here.

Autumn M. Birt @Weifarer 15th July. Read my post on Why I love my characters here.

Saffron Bryant @SaffronBryant 16th July. Read my rather horrid Zombie short story entitled ‘Sarah’ on Saffrons blog.

Kobo Writing Life 17th July

John Fletcher at The Captains blog on GoodReads 19th July

Mythic Scribes 20th July 2014

D.J Bowman-Smith @djbwmansmith

If you too have a fabulous blog and would like to host a stop for the tour between 14th and 21st July 2014 then we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like a carefully crafted guest post, host a scintilating interview, have a natter on your podcast, have me write a free short story for your readers or taste test chocolate or yummy baked goods then please get in touch with me or The Missus.







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