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Scarlet’s Walk Episode One – 29 March 2014

Scarlet’s Walk, the next chapter in the life of Scarlet Rose Parker, Tumblr veteran, lover of pizza and Harry Potter obsessed teenage magician.

Scarlet’s Walk Episode Two – 05 April 2014

In episode one Martin went missing, Scarlet found the minutes of some council meeting and… she hid under a bed.

In episode two our heroine escaped the two scary men in Martin’s squat only to find herself in the underworld with a guy who looks a bit like a fish, only scary.

In episode three our heroine became a performing monkey, escaped the underworld and met the Three Sisters.

In episode 4 of Scarlet’s Walk, our heroine met the Three Sisters deep below the streets of Camden, asked her three questions and learned that nothing is ever as simple as it should be.

In episode 5 of Scarlet’s Walk, our heroine bumped into some old friends, got tortured, and found some new clothes…on the plus side she is finally heading to the council.

Scarlet’s Walk Episode Seven – 10 May 2014

In episode 6 of Scarlet’s Walk, our heroine learned a little more about magic, visited the sights and discovered something very unusual in the toilets beneath the National Portrait Gallery.

Scarlet’s Walk Episode Eight – 17 May 2014

In episode 7 of Scarlet’s Walk, our heroine met some of the council and discovered that for all the silly voices and bunny slippers, they were just as unpleasant as she’d expected. And she found Martin.

Scarlet’s Walk Episode Nine – 24 May 2014

In episode 8 of Scarlet’s Walk, our heroine discovered just how low the Council will stoop to get their own way. She also agreed to fight for Martin’s freedom. Let the contest begin.

Scarlet’s Walk Episode Ten (final episode) – 1 June 2014

In episode 9 of Scarlet’s Walk, our heroine failed the first test, because of pesky rules and won the second. Now she has to win the final challenge or be destroyed by the council.


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