Playing God (A Game or War, Part Three)

Playing God Shiny final 1 march

Free at last, Ally and Stem have reached the war, but nothing is as it seems.

In part three of A Game of War, Ally discovers just how big the universe is; makes a friend who helps her discover the true extent of the power that she has locked within; and is introduced to The Master.

The Master is in a league of his own when it comes to power, and runs his own game, one that pits races from all over the universe against one another.

The prize? Knowledge, power, or simply pride. For Ally and Stem it is the chance to free the human race, and one they cannot pass up. But the stakes are high. This games ends not with a long walk, but with death.

With a choice that is no choice, they must once more step into the arena.

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