13 Roses – Apocalyptic Zombie Saga

13 Roses 1-Before 13 Roses 2 - After-113 Roses 3-Beyond13 Roses 4 - Alone-113 Roses 5 - Home-113 Roses 6 - Despair13 Roses 7 - WarThirteen Roses Box Set


Box Set available from Saturday 18th April 2015.


13 Roses 1-Before new font

Thirteen Roses, Book 1 : Before

Series: Thirteen Roses, Book One

Genre: Horror, Paranormal

Available formats: ebook,



The flower seller sets up his stall on Embankment every day. Every day, he will serve only one customer. That person will be on the edge, teetering between heaven and hell, and it is up to him to steer them in the right direction.

But this week, it will be different. Because this week, someone is screwing with the flower seller. While he struggles to figure out who it is, and why they are doing it, something far bigger is occurring, something that will change the world forever.

A plague is about to strike mankind that will reduce them to mindless zombies, bent on nothing more than the regular consumption of flesh. The flower seller is charged with the task of saving humanity, a task he neither wants, nor cares about.

Without him, mankind is doomed. With him, they might just be worse.
But who is the flower seller? Why does he try to save the subjects? And how the hell is he going to save the world?

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13 Roses 2 - After-1

Thirteen Roses, Book 2 : After

Series: Thirteen Roses, Book Two

Genre: Horror, Paranormal

Available formats: ebook,



Luke and Alex have only days to stop the plague…

But for the rest of the crew, it’s already here. The fog filled London’s streets and everywhere it went, people started dying. Now those the flower seller saved from themselves have a far larger, far hungrier foe.

Can Bayleigh and Layla survive the horror that has beset them? Will Jackson prove himself worthy of God’s love? Will Krystal and Ed make it across town alive? Will Dave ever stop running?

As Luke and Alex make one last ditch attempt to stop the plague, they meet someone who changes Alex’s life forever, and makes Luke question everything he thought he knew.



13 Roses 3-BeyondThirteen Roses, Book 3 : Beyond

Series: Thirteen Roses, Book Three

Genre: Horror, Paranormal

Available formats: ebook,



St Paul’s Cathedral is filled with attractive young blond women. In gas masks.

The plague will soon have run its course, leaving the world filled with zombies and the crew neck deep in shit. And attractive young blond women in need of rescue.

But first, Luke and the others have to escape from St Paul’s. The soldiers of God have other plans, and they aren’t the only ones. Some old friends of Luke’s are about to turn up and offer him a proposition he might not be able to refuse.

Even if they do escape, they know they have to go back in one more time. After all, attractive blond women in need of rescue… But who will go in, and who will come out?

And it’s not all about Luke.

Bayleigh has dreams of making something worthwhile in the new world, whilst David has dreams of murder.

Krystal’s already living her dream, in a world where everyone’s homeless.

Alex is a believer, in a new world filled with cynics.

And Jackson? Jackson doesn’t need dreams. He’s got God.




13 Roses 4 - Alone-1Thirteen Roses, Book 4 : Alone

Series: Thirteen Roses, Book Four

Genre: Horror, Paranormal

Available formats: ebook,





Luke has a choice to make. With every day that passes, he’s becoming more human. He cares more and more about the people around him. But he can’t shake the belief that Az and Seph have got it right.

The plan is simple. Kill the Father, rule the Flights, rule everything. So why is he hesitating?

Maybe it’s because of Bayleigh. There’s something about her he can’t ignore, not even when he thinks about Sara.

Maybe it’s because of Jackson who, despite being utterly bonkers, is sticking to his misguided beliefs in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Maybe it’s because of Krystal. Luke would never use the word daughter, not unless he was sneering at the time, but he can’t deny his pride in her.

Maybe it’s because of Alex. The scientist can’t shake his guilt over creating the plague, but he’s still trying to make a difference.

Or maybe it’s because of Dave. Because there’s nothing like complete insanity staring you in the face to make you think twice about killing your own father.

As Luke and Krystal cross London in search of food, the others are dealing with a murder in the hospital. Jackson, meanwhile, has his own agenda. Except it’s not his agenda. It’s God’s agenda.





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  1. Incredibly excited to read this series! It sounds amazing! I’m baffled as to how you come up with such an amazing set of plots in all of your books! Good luck!

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