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Do you like your reads fast paced, action packed and with compelling real world characters? Then Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror by Michael Cairns is for you.

Twists and cliffhangers will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the Sci-Fi novella series A Game of War. Parts One to Six are available now.

Also out now are the first three books of The Planets Superhero series The Spirit Room, The Story of Eris and The Long Way Home, with characters to die for. A superhero, urban fantasy adventure set on earth that pits urban warriors with extraordinary powers against an invading alien foe.

For the zombie fans out there, the first book in the seven book series, Thirteen Roses, sees Lucifer pitted against a zombie apocalypse, played out in the streets of London, England


The Planets Series

‘The Avengers meets Magician, The Planets series is superhero conflict on a global scale…’

The Spirit Room Cover

The Spirit Room, the first book in The Planets is out now.

  • An ancient cadre of magicians
  • A select team of extra-ordinary warriors
  • An unseen foe

As two ancient forces battle for control, reality as we know it is being torn apart. Caught somewhere in the middle, and tasked with ridding the world of the insidious alien intelligence are The Planets. Neptune hails from Rio, the gay daughter of strict catholic parents. Mars, from Ireland, still missing the sister he lost years ago. Uri grew up on the streets of New York, and Venus… well, no one knows and she isn’t telling. Imbued with extra-ordinary powers, these highly trained individuals take the fight across the globe. With startling and unnerving revelations at every turn, the depth of deception is only now becoming clear…’

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The Spirit Room by Michael  Cairns

The Spirit Room

by Michael Cairns

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story of eris-ebook cover-finalThe Story of Eris, the second book in The Planets Series is also out now!

New York is awash with murders. While the Planets race against time to stop the impending bloodbath, Eris travels to Africa to discover the secret behind his powers. But even he isn’t prepared for what he finds there.

The Story of Eris takes the Planets from New York to the European country of Shalktenstein, via the streets of France and the wilds of Russia. On the way they battle The Unseen’s latest creations and uncover a future they couldn’t hope to predict, or prepare for.

Will Eris get control of his powers in time to meet the challenges that lie before him? Will the Planets find mystery murderer before it’s too late? And will any of them be ready for what lies at the heart of Shalktenstein?

The fight continues in this, the second book in the Planets series.

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Book Three, The Long Way Home is due Christmas 2014


The current Sci-Fi novella series available for download is A Game of War, a fast paced, Sci-Fi action adventure. A Game of War is in 6 parts with all episodes of Season One and Season Two available individually now. Season Box Sets are on their way this summer.

A Game of War Season 1

A Game of War

  • Part One Childhood Dreams – Out now and available for free download from this site.


 You can get the complete Season One on Amazon and Kobo now.


A Game of War Season 2.

A Game of War Season 2


Part Four, Breathing in Space, available now

Part Five, Escape, available now

Part Six, Gateway to Earth, available now

The collected Season Two will be available before Christmas 2014